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Common Name 二甲戊乐灵 CAS NO. 40487-42-1
Chemical Formula C13H19N3O4 Molecular Mass 281.3
Structural Formula
Mode of Action Selective herbicide, absorbed by the roots and leaves. Affected plants die shortly after germination or following emergence from the soil.
Uses Control of most annual grasses and many annual broad-leaved ****s, at 0.6-2.4 kg/ha, in cereals, onions, leeks, garlic, fennel, maize, sorghum, rice, soya beans, peanuts, brassicas, carrots, celery, black salsify, peas, field beans, lupins, evening primrose, tulips, potatoes, cotton, hops, pome fruit, stone fruit, berry fruit (including strawberries), citrus fruit, lettuce, aubergines, capsicums, established turf, and in transplanted tomatoes, sunflowers, and tobacco. Applied pre-plant incorporated, pre-emergence, pre-transplanting, or early post-emergence. Also used for control of suckers in tobacco.
Pendimethalin 330g/L EC
 Appearance  Homogeneous liquid
 Content of a.i., g/L  ≥330g/L
 Water, %  ≤0.5
 pH  6~9
 Emulsifiability(0.5 percent)  No separated material observed.
 Persistent foam(1min), ml  ≤60
 Stability at 0°C                              Qualified
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