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Common Name 烟嘧磺隆 CAS NO. 111991-09-4
Chemical Formula  C15H18N6O6S Molecular Mass 410.4
Structural Formula
Mode of Action Selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the foliage and roots, with rapid translocation in xylem and phloem to the meristematic tissues.
Uses Selective post-emergence control in maize of annual grass ****s including Setaria, Echinochloa, Digitaria, Panicum, Lolium, and Avena spp., broad-leaved ****s including Amaranthus spp. and Cruciferae, and perennials such as Sorghum halepense and Agropyron repens. Applied at 35-70 g/ha.
Nicosulfuron 97% TC
 Appearance  White loose powder
 Content of a.i.(w/w), %  ≥97%
 pH  3.0~5.0
 Water, %  ≤1.0
 Acetone insolubles (w/w),%  ≤0.2
Nicosulfuron 75% WDG
 Appearance  Flowable granules
 Content of a.i.  ≥75%
 Wetting time   ≤20s
 Wet sieve  ≥98%(through 44µm sieve)
 Suspensibility  ≥70%
 Dispersibility  ≥70%
Nicosulfuron 4% OSC
 Appearance  White to tan suspension liquid
 Content of a.i.  ≥4%
 Suspensibility  ≥80%
 Wet sieve  ≥98%(through 44µm sieve)
 pH  3~7
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