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Common Name 赤霉素 CAS NO. 77-06-5
Chemical Formula C19H22O6 Molecular Mass 346.4
Structural Formula
Mode of Action Has physiological and morphological effects on plant.
Uses Has a variety of applications, e.g. to improve fruit setting of clementines and pears (especially William pears); to loosen and elongate clusters and increase berry size in grapes; to control fruit maturity by delaying development of the yellow colour in lemons; to reduce rind stain and retard rind ageing in navel oranges; to counteract the effects of cherry yellows virus diseases in sour cherries; to produce uniform seedling growth in rice; to promote elongation of winter celery crop; to induce uniform bolting and increase seed production in lettuce for seed; to break dormancy and stimulate sprouting in seed potatoes; to extend the picking season by hastening maturity in artichokes; to increase the yield in forced rhubarb; to increase the malting quality of barley; to produce brighter-coloured, firmer fruit, and to increase the size of sweet cherries; to increase yields and aid harvesting of hops; to reduce internal browning and increase yields of Italian prunes; to increase fruit set and yields of tangelos and tangerines; to improve fruit setting in blueberries; to advance flowering and increase the yield of strawberries; and also a variety of applications on ornamentals. Application rates up to 80 g/a per application, depending on desired effect.
GA3 20% TB
 Appearance  White tablet
 Content of a.i.  ≥20%
 pH  6~7
 Water  ≤3.0%
 Water insolubles  ≤1.0%
 Intension  ≥70N
GA3 90% TC
  Appearance  White odorless powder
 Content of a.i.  ≥90%
 Loss on drying  ≤0.5%
 Optical rotation, [α]20D  ≥+80o
 Color(as 2% methanol solution)  Clear and colorless
 Fineness  ≥95%(40 mesh)
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