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Common Name 联苯菊酯 CAS NO. 82657-04-3
Chemical Formula C23H22ClF3O2 Molecular Mass 422.9
Structural Formula
Mode of Action Contact and stomach action with some residual effect. Sodium channel modulator.
Uses Effective against a broad range of foliar pests, including Coleoptera, Diptera, Heteroptera, Homoptera, Lepidoptera and Orthoptera; it also controls some species of Acarina. Crops include cereals, citrus, cotton, fruit, grapes, ornamentals and vegetables. Rates range from 5 g/ha against Aphididae in cereals to 45 g/ha against Aphididae and Lepidoptera in top fruit.
Bifenthrin 10% EC
 Appearance  Homogeneous liquid
 Content of a.i.  ≥10%
 Water  ≤0.6%
 pH  4.0~7.0
 Emulsion stability               (as 0.5% aqueous solution)  Qualified
 Stability at 0°C  The volume of solid and/or liquid which separates shall not be more than 0.3 ml
Bifenthrin 95% TC
 Appearance  Homogeneous,off-white to light yellow powder
 Content of a.i.  ≥95%
 Water  ≤1.0%
 Acetone insolubles  ≤0.3%
 Acidity(as H2SO4)  ≤0.3%
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